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Companies Under Excelitas Technologies Corporation

Excelitas is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of photoelectric equipment and devices. The company headquarters is located at 200 West Street Waltham MA. With over 5000 employees, Excelitas operates manufacturing and distribution centers in many countries. This includes England, where a manufacturing plant for photonic items is done. Over the years, Excelitas has excelled due to innovation and managerial excellence in the manufacturing industry. However, what fueled the company’s massive growth is the acquisition of other players in the photoelectric manufacturing and distribution industry. Excelitas have taken over several companies, these companies include;

Omnicure Company

Before acquisition by Excelitas, Omnicure was one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of photonic equipment. The company is responsible for the manufacturing of Omnicure UV curing systems. These systems are used in several industries, including cosmetics and cable manufacturing. The curing systems manufactured by Omnicure had built a reputation among clients for their durability and efficient service delivery. The clientele was a gain for Excelitas when they finally acquired the company in 2012. Other products manufactured by Omnicure include fiber optic cables and specialty bulbs used in medical institutions and other industrial applications.

Qioptiq Company

Qioptiq is another subsidiary company of Excelitas Technologies. The Qioptiq headquarter is based at Hamble, UK. The company sits on approximately 20,000 square meters of land with some of its processing plants located in the Gottingen Science Park industrial estate. This company is known for innovation, manufacturing, and distribution of a wide range of photonic products and solutions. Qioptiq is among the leading manufacturers of equipment used in medical and aerospace applications within Europe. Some photonic items manufactured by Qioptiq include laser diodes, fiber lasers, UV optics, and LEDs. The acquisition of Qioptiq gave way for Excelitas Technologies into the manufacturing of military-grade equipment. These include photoelectric domes used in the construction of missiles.

Benefits Of Having Subsidiary Companies

Acquiring subsidiary companies has many benefits, as evident in the growth of Excelitas Technologies Company. These benefits include;

Increased Market Coverage

When a company acquires a subsidiary, they get access to the market share of the subsidiary company. For instance, Excelitas Technologies Company has a wider reach in the market after acquiring Qioptiq and Omnicure. The two companies had different clients before being taken over by Excelitas.

Increased Production Capacity 

The amount of items produced by a company significantly increases when it acquires a subsidiary. Most subsidiary companies have manufacturing and processing facilities. These facilities are used by the parent company to further production of items. When different companies are managed by one parent company, it is easier for them to work together. This boosts inventions and innovations through sharing of knowledge.

Despite the operations of subsidiary companies in different countries, major administrative decisions in Excelitas Technologies Corporation are made from the headquarters on 200 West Street Waltham MA. Such decisions include the change of directors and partnerships with governments and other companies for innovation purposes. As much as centralized control of companies is great, it involves a lot of bureaucracy. This slows down critical decisions that might affect the operations of the business.

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